How do I start allergy drops?

Allergy drops are custom ordered for each patient based upon the sensitivities that can be identified. Thus, the first step is an office visit to corroborate that allergy is present, and follow that with allergy testing.

Allergy skin tests are the most specific and sensitive method of testing. Common antigens are house dust mites, molds, grasses, trees, weeds, and animal hair or dander. Many foods today are also possible antigens, including peanut, cow milk, soy, eggs and wheat. Allergy drops are prepared using these results.

RAST is a blood test that quantitatively measures the antibodies in the blood stream to the test antigens. While it may not be as sensitive as skin tests, allergy drops may also be prepared using these results when skin testing is either not possible or not advised such as in the highly allergic patient.

Once the antigens that contribute to allergy symptoms are identified, the allergy drops are prepared. Our patients begin using one drop per day for the first week, increase to one drop twice per day for the second week, and then increase and stay at one drop three times per day thereafter.

Most of our allergy drops patients stop in our office only once every three months so we can monitor their progress and address any issues or concerns. For those patients who travel long distance to see us, we will ship the drops to them and ask them to stop in for a visit when convenient.

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